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C-Section Rock ‘N’ Roller | BY YUNG BOD

C-Section Rock ‘N’ Roller | BY YUNG BOD

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The first of its kind the YUNG BOD C-SECTION ROCK ‘n’ ROLLER is a multipurpose massaging beauty tool that improves the appearance of post-delivery skin and boosts absorption of topical skincare products.

Since the skin around your c-section is likely to become raised, thick, and firm as it recovers, manual massages may help your skin look flatter, smoother, and more even. This can help break down built-up collagen (which is what makes scars appear and feel lumpy and bumpy) and give your c-section skin the best chance of healing with a faint scar appearance.

This massaging roller features two multi-purpose heads: a small amethyst stone head and a large ridged stainless steel acupressure head.

The amethyst stone head, the purple stone is known for its relaxing energy and product absorption, it has a more soothing and smoothing effect on your skin by gently massaging the area.

The ridged stainless steel head delivers a more acupressure-like feeling to your skin, which may help improve its elasticity, thickness, and flexibility over time.

These roller heads ensure your c-section skin feels supported during the recovery process, plus they enhance skincare product absorption. Once you’ve applied a topical product to your skin (such as YUNG BOD C-SECTION MAMA), the roller gently presses the formula into your skin for quicker, more effective absorption.

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