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The Cooling Padsicles | BY NOONIE

The Cooling Padsicles | BY NOONIE

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Pack of 8

2-in-1 Instant Cooling Maternity Pads.

Tears, stitches, swelling, bleeding, gooping - we get it all. It’s ok, the Noonie Cooling Padsicles are here to help.

But first, what is a padsicle? A padsicle is a 2-in-1 cooling maternity pad that absorbs blood and other discharge fluids, and supports the healing of tears, inflammation and bruising after giving birth.

Noonie Cooling Padsicles provide instant cooling relief after birth and are made with organic cotton to provide extra comfort! They feature wings and are designed for full coverage. Weighing in at around 40g/1.4oz each, these unique maternity pads are comfortable, lightweight, soothing and highly absorbent.

Noonie’s instant cooling pads do not require refrigeration or freezing, they cool within seconds of popping thanks to their built-in ice pack and are the perfect shape, size, and coldness to offer the exact soothing relief you’re looking for.


  • Before unwrapping the pad from its lining, position both of your thumbs on top of the pad "squeeze" sticker
  • Feel the air bubble between your thumbs
  • Squeeze hard
  • You should start feeling the cooling effect within a few seconds of popping
  • Give it an extra squeeze or shake if need be
  • Unwrap the pad from its lining and peel off the adhesive strips
  • Place inside your undies and enjoy some relief!
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