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Breast Ice & Heat Pack | BY JOEY MAMA

Breast Ice & Heat Pack | BY JOEY MAMA

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Breastfeeding, although a beautiful experience, often comes with some pain and inconvenience. Engorgement, blocked ducts and mastitis just to name a few. These beautiful Breast Ice & Heat Pads by Joey Mama are an ideal way to support a new mama as she begins her breastfeeding journey and they can even be beneficial to stop the swelling when breastfeeding journey comes to an end! Made to shape the breast and easily fit inside a nursing bra, these are the quickest and simplest way to ease breast discomfort for a postpartum mama.

Benefits of Breast Ice & Heat Pads

  • Eases discomfort of engorgement (cold compress)
  • Relieve pain caused by mastitis (cold compress)
  • Assists with blocked milk ducts (warm compress)
  • Encourages flow of breast milk (warm compress)

Features of Breast Ice & Heat Pads

  • Safe & non-toxic - made from PVC & non-toxic aqua pearl beads
  • Reusable
  • 100g in weight
  • 17cm x 17cm in size
  • Pack includes 2 breast pads + 2 washable protective covers

Instructions for use:

(TO COOL) Simply store the pads in the refrigerator (without washable sleeve) for 1-2 hours OR in the freezer for 30 minutes. Place the breast pad inside your bra in protective sleeve for up to 20 minutes after breastfeeding (not during).

(TO HEAT) To heat in microwave (without washable sleeve), wrap the pad in a dry towel and microwave for 15 seconds or until desired temperature is reached (based on 600w microwave.) If desired temperature hasn't been reached, continue to heat in microwave in 5 second increments. To heat in water, submerge the pad in the hot water until it reaches desired temperature. Place the breast pad inside your bra in protective sleeve for up to 20 minutes before breastfeeding or pumping (not during).

Do not leave this product within reach of children. If product is punctured, discard

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